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Rapid Roll Door

Rapid Roll Door

Our Rapid Roll door is designed for continual use and can be installed either internally, or externally. With a 1 m/s opening speed, it is an ideal solution for an environment which requires quick access between two separated areas, at excellent value for money.

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DynamicRoll Door

Self-repairing Rapid Roll Door

The self-repairing element of this Rapid Roll High-speed door means that if door curtains co\me out of their guides, the system will automatically reset the curtain back into the guide on the next close cycle. This innovation makes it well suited for a scenario where impact with vehicles is a possibility.

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RapidFold Door

Rapid Fold Door

This door has an opening speed of 1 m/s and up to a class 4 wind load, thanks to horizontal bars fitted into pockets welded to the curtain. Rapid Fold doors are therefore highly suitable for more exposed locations. This door is designed for continual use and is therefore an ideal solution for an opening in a busy environment.

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